Jun. Prof. Dr. Dennis Lehmkuhl

Since April 2012, I am a Junior Professor for Philosophy with a focus on philosophy of physics at the Interdisciplinary Center for Science and Technology Studies (IZWT) and at the Institute for Philosophy at the University of Wuppertal.

My research focuses on the foundations of spacetime theories. I am particularly interested comparing our standard theory of spacetime, the general theory of relativity, to alternative spacetime theories like Brans-Dicke Theory, gauge theories of gravity, or the relativistic extensions of MOND. 

I also do historical work on the history of spacetime theories and am a contributing editor of the Collected Papers of Albert Einstein and a visiting associate of the Einstein Papers Project. 

Since March 2012, I am one of the speakers of the Working Group "Philosophy of Physics" of the German Physical Society (DPG). 


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